Best Abs Exercises

Best Abs Exercises
Best Abs Exercises


Best Abs Exercises. It’s a complex myth that ab exercises are the best way to get a flat, defined abdomen.

In reality, the exercises alone do not allow you to burn enough calories to allow for a significant reduction in abdominal fat. A fat abdomen, even if supported by a muscular, solid scaffold, can never be sculpted.

The only advantage obtained from these muscles’ selective training is their development, which contributes to form a real natural corset – six-pack or abdominal turtle. A more toned abdomen with the same body fat allows you to obtain a slimmer figure (even if sometimes the development of the transversals tends to increase the waistline slightly), as well as preventing low back pain, and at the same time improving balance and posture.

The aesthetic aspect is, however, influenced by other factors far more critical than simple strengthening exercises. In the first place, of course, we find genetic since the abdominal in themselves susceptible muscle to what is in their genetic code. There are many differences in the population. Some have symmetrical abdominals and asymmetrical ones, just as some have more or less deep muscle insertions. Genetics also influence hormonal balance, metabolism, and the predisposition or not to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. Among the factor that can control. in the first place, we find nutrition, close follow by physical activity and lifestyle – which all together determine the so-called caloric balance – and finally posture.

Below there is a list that can consider the best exercise for the abdominal. A conclusion is here thanks to a scientific study which we will discuss now below. Best Abs Exercises

Best Exercises 

Lists of the best exercises for the abdominals

Crunch on the ground: Crunch with hips flexed to 90 ° and feet supported on the rise.

Crunch with hips flexed to 90 ° and feet in suspension: Reverse Bar Crunch

Reverse parallel crunch: Reverse Crunch on Incline Bench

Reverse crunch on a flat bench: Crunch on a flat bench with hips flexed at 90 ° and feet resting on a raised foot

Crunch on a flat bench with hips flexed at 90 ° and feet in suspension: Sit-ups on the bench

Leg raises on the bar: Parallel leg lift.

Leg raises on the bench: Knee raises on the bar.

Parallel knee lift: Knee raises on bench

Scientific study on the best exercises for the abdominals Best Abs Exercises

In 2001, Dr Peter Francis – a member of the American Council of exercise – analyzed the effectiveness of 13 different abdominal exercises performed with or without tools. Thanks to his studies, using a technique that allows us to observe the number of motor fibres recruited and their intensity of contraction ( electromyography ), it was possible to rank the most efficient exercises. The traditional crunch was chosen as the “benchmark” and give theoretical effectiveness of 100%.

Among all exercise, the best call ” bicycle ” or ” alternate crunch. “ This exercise demonstrated the effectiveness of 248% in the starting position of the bike. The subject is lying on his back with his back firmly attached to the ground. And his hands behind the neck. The exercise begins when the sportsman simulates. Pedalling with the lower limbs—simultaneously bringing. The right elbow closer to the left knee. And the left elbow to the right knee.

The study showed that among the various exercises, the most effective. Are those in which the abdominals contract to stabilize the lower part of the body. Which in turn performs the movement. In fact, in second place, we find the lifting of the legs on the captain’s chair – a structure on which one rests with the back while keeping the body suspended on the forearms, which also allows you to perform dips, pull-ups, etc. It is quite logical to think that these results are true as the lower body. In addition to weighing more than the upper one, it requires a stabilization effort—greater, naturally borne by the abdominals.

classic sit-up Best Abs Exercises

Best Abs Exercises we know that your abdominal muscles do not have any insertion on the lower limbs. It follows that any exercise that primarily involves a movement of the lower limbs is not physiologically correct to “isolate” the abdominal muscles – this does not mean, however, that it does not recruit them at all. Analogous speech for all those exercises that see the feet bound to a support, such as the classic sit-up. In these cases, especially when the activity is poorly performed, the abdominals do not stretch and shorten during normal contraction. Still, they develop considerable strength while maintaining their length unchanged (contraction isometric ). The results of this study appear limited in this respect.

The results of the research also underlined the effectiveness of the tool called the swiss ball. This large Swiss ball is, in fact, highly destabilizing for the centre of gravity of the body, which is forced to recruit numerous auxiliary muscles to maintain balance. On the contrary, the other tools, which monopolize the attention of the spectators during teleshopping, seem to have less effect than the traditional exercises on the ground.

It is good to use the data provided by this study with caution: it is not true that the traditional crunch is a less effective exercise than others for training the abdominals (although in the final ranking, it placed eighth), it was only taken into account. Consider a reference standard to evaluate the result of another exercise. Some of them require considerable coordination and balance skills and are not suitable for beginners and conditioners.

Example Best Abs Exercises

Best Abs Exercises If a person does not have well-trained abdominal muscles. He will encounter numerous difficulties in performing the famous “bicycle” and most likely will experience an annoying pain located in the lower back. At the same time, if a subject has been performing this exercise for a long time. Abs-workouts He will most likely obtain improvements by passing to the crunch on the fit ball. Which, although less intense than the previous one, will allow him to get better adaptations. Thanks to new physical and psychological stimuli that it entails.

In conclusion, Best Abs Exercises must make a final comment on the correct technical breathing that does not have been considered in this study. Still, it can greatly increase the effectiveness of the exercises. The abdominal muscles are exhalation muscles. So in the active phase of the movement. (when you bring the chest closer to the pelvis or vice versa), exhale deeply. In particular, start emptying the lungs from the beginning of the movement so that the diaphragm does not hinder the work of these muscles at the point of maximum abdominal shortening.

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