Best weight loss shakes

Best weight loss shakes

You are a taste lover but can’t eat or drink more because of your unhealthy figure? You are on a heavy diet, but you want something tasty but afraid of weight gain? If yes so, keep reading this informative article here. I will tell you how to lose weight by adding fruits to your diet. The low-calorie natural fruits and some physical exercise will help to lose pounds. The selection of the right fruits and vegetables for shake will boost your metabolism for fat burn. So, start your day with these weight loss shakes and get a slim healthy figure. Let’s start the battle with your fat.

Pineapple and kiwi smoothie

Pineapple                                    half cup 

Kiwi                                            1 piece 

Coconut milk                             150ml

Ice cubes (optional)                    3-4 cubes


Cut them into small cubes after washing and peeling the pineapple and kiwi.

Place them in juicer blunder and grind until you get a smooth pulp of these low-calorie fruits.

Now add coconut milk and again blend.

Pour your smoothie in a glass, keep it at room temperature, and enjoy.

If it is summer, you can add ice cubes and enjoy!!!

Watermelon And Strawberry Smoothie

Watermelon                 5-6 cubes

Strawberries                 4-5 pieces

Soy milk                        150ml


Cut and wash the strawberries and remove the seeds of the watermelon.

Add these fruits to a juicer blender with soy milk and blend well until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Your smoothie is ready to pour in a glass, and you can also add ice cubes before deserving if you like and enjoy!

Lemon, orange, green apple, and pear smoothie

Oranges                   3 pieces 

Lemon                      1 piece 

Green apple              1 piece

Pear                          1 piece 


Start making your smoothie by cutting orange and lemon in half and squeezing them to get their refreshing juice.

Cut the apple and pear into small cubes without peeling.

Add these fruit cubes and juice to the juicer blender and blend well until smooth.

Add some ice cubes if you want.

Pour the fruit shake into a glass and enjoy.

Tip: you can also add mint leaves as a topping.

Refreshing Green detox smoothie

1 cucumber                            

1small  bowl of spinach

3 green apples

1/4 of the stalk of celery

1 tablespoon of parsley

3 tbsp of lemon juice 

1 tbsp of ginger

1 glass of water


After washing all the ingredients, chop the parsley spinach, apple, and celery, and in the case of ginger and cucumber, cut them into cubes after peeling.

Put all the ingredients in the juicer blender with half a glass of water.

Grind well and then strain the mixture. 

Add another half glass of water to the fruit mixture and again blend to make it more light and fluffy.

Your green detox shake is ready to burn your fat in the morning.

Tip: for better and fast results, take these weight loss shakes in the morning with an empty stomach or at night before going to bed.

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