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How to grow cucumbers?

Cucumbers are crunchy and tasty, like everyone. They are raw vegetables. It is a summer gift. You can eat it raw and also use it in salads. In the following article, we get to know about How to grow cucumbers? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Cucumbers are a summer variety. They are very useful for health and make your meal delicious. 

When to Grow Cucumber

Everything is planted in its accurate time. If you do not know about its planting time or season, you can never get success and its fruit.

The mid-spring is a suitable time for its planting. Cucumbers grow in hot weather. 

If you grow cucumbers indoors, grow them in mid-March and last March.

If you grow them outdoors, early April and mid-April are best. 


There are a few steps to prepare for cucumber plating. 


Soil should be fertile and well-drained. You have to take great care of soil preparation. Soil should be soft, well dug up, and have no rocks in it. Warm soil is best for growing it. 


The most important thing is the sunlight. Cucumbers need direct sunlight. Cucumbers grow in the early morning sunlight. Choose a place that catches direct sunlight. If you select a point where sunlight comes late, the dew drops will remain for a long time, and they are the cause of the plant. The sunlight will remove the dew drops as soon as possible.


Everything is dependent on seeds. If you choose a good variety of seeds, you will find good fruit. Buy seed from a shop, and if you planted seed last year, it is the best forever.

How to Sow Seed

When you prepare your soil for planting, you should know about its sowing seed. Sow 2 to 3 seeds per mound. 1inch deep and 3 to 4 steps apart. There should be no rocks and bushes in this area. 

You can sow seeds in rows and cover them with plastic sheets or straws.


The most important point is to give water to a plant. Water plays a great role in preparing the soil because cucumbers are produced in summer, and they need plenty of water. Give them water early in the morning. Avoid watering in the afternoon.

When the plants start to give fruit, give water a few times. Put your finger in the soil till the first joint of your finger. If you feel it dry, it means the soil needs water.


You can grow cucumbers indoors also. It is very easy to grow indoors. If you want to plant indoors, you have to start in the middle of March. You need to take great care indoors, then outdoors. Take small pots and put seeds in them carefully. Put 2 to 3 seeds when the seedlings start left over the weakest leaves. And put the plants in different directions.


Outdoors planting is the best. It needs less effort than indoors. In open areas and places, cucumbers grow quickly and easily. They have less care and grow rapidly. 

The best time for the outdoors is the mid of May and the last of autumn. You can grow them in vines and plants. 

Use of Netting and ropes

If you want to plant cucumbers in vines and climb them on walls, you should use netting or combos to protect them well. In this procedure, you will take great care of it. Check plants daily.

When to Harvest Cucumbers

And harvest the cucumbers at the proper time. If you do not pick up the cucumbers, they will ripen over and taste bitter. The plants will also fall towards the earth, and their production power will be less.

You can also store cucumbers in plastic bags for a week or 10 days. Cucumbers have 90 percent water. So you cannot store them long.

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