How to grow mushrooms?

How to grow mushrooms
Mark says that it is possible to grow mushrooms at home

There are many ways to grow mushrooms at home and outside the home as well. Now let me tell you a few steps to mushroom Farming.

Oyster mushrooms

  1. Cut the wheat straw 1 to 2 inches long.
  2. Boil the straw for 10 minutes after cutting. After boiling, you strain it.
  3. Then you put straw’s in the sun or under the fan and spread them for a few hours to dry. Straw should be moist when touched by hand, not dried.
  4. When you squeeze or touch the straw, no water and wetness are coming out, so it’s ready.
  5. Tie the bottom end of the plastic bag to make it round.
  6. Now  put the straw in the bag and fill it and press lightly
  7. Then must sprinkle mushrooms spawn in the corner.
  8. Again put four handfuls of straw.
  9. Now repeat this step till the bag is almost done and complete.
  10. Set it very well and press lightly.
  11. Now close the bag with a rubber band or tape, and also you can use a piece of cloth to tie.
  12. Make a few small holes in the bag.
  13. Now you should keep the mushroom in the dark area for ten days and, after ten days, make more holes on the bag where white spot germination is seen.
  14. Start spraying water from the twentieth day only. Spray twice a day in the morning and evening.
  15. This is the first complete procedure on how to grow mushrooms.
  16. Mushroom Farming has lots of stages which are a little bit difficult for people, that is why I am telling you it is a good idea to start mushrooms at home. How? Let me tell you.
  17. It’s simple with your own Mushrooms kit; the Mushrooms kit contains everything you need to grow mushrooms.
  18. As I told you, the procedure of growing Oyster mushrooms need a breathable bag of straw
  19. And Button Mushrooms grow in-tray of composted manure
  20. And significantly Shiitake Mushrooms grow on wood
  21. There are approximately fourteen thousand (14,000) types of Mushrooms in which some are poisonous, and many are deliciously eatable.

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

You can grow shiitake mushrooms in some ways. You can also grow it with the same procedure of Oyster mushrooms as I mentioned before. As part of the kit,  you will supply wooden dowels which have been fertilized with shiitake mycelium. These wooden mandrels are then inserted into a hardwood log prepared by drilling holes up to 6- inches intervals along the length of the branch. Once the mandrel has been inserted, they seal to ensure that the mandrel spawn doesn’t dry out.

There is another way to grow mushrooms with coffee grounds.  This is an exciting way to grow mushrooms in this method, special thanks to coffee full of nutrients. Coffee grounds are a fantastic medium for Mushrooms.

  • For1000g of mushroom spawn, you need 5 kg of fresh coffee grounds. For this amount of coffee you should go to the café and ask nicely, they are usually happy than to give it away.
  • Find a container for the mushroom: for this reason, a filter patch grow bag is best, but if it’s not available, don’t you worry, I am here to tell you what to do? Now you take a large sealable freezer bag. Also, you can use a carton and tub with four small holes on the sides.
  • You know cleanness is essential, so you should wash your hands with soap. Then mingle the spawn into the coffee grounds and ensure that they evenly distribute. Now seal the container or plastic bag tightly.
  • Now, put the container or bag in a warm and cozy atmosphere and dark location somewhere the temperature is (18 to 25 C)  like under the bed and in the cupboard and leave it there for two to four weeks.
  • After this period, you put the bag in a brighter area but not in sunlight. Now again, make holes in the container and spray twice a day because Mushrooms won’t grow in too-dry conditions.
  • After next, within 7, 10 days, the tiny Mushrooms will grow up, continue to mist them daily when the cup of the Mushroom has started to turn slightly upwards, now your Mushrooms are ready to culling.

Here I told you how to grow mushrooms.

Now I am sure you interest in knowing some benefits of Mushrooms.

  • Mushrooms help you to stay young and beautiful.
  • Mushrooms protect your brain.
  • The Mushrooms raise and improve your memory.
  • Mushrooms are also good for your heart.
  • Also, mushrooms can help your bones to stay strong.
  • And Mushrooms are pushed your energy.

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