How to delete amazon account?

How to delete amazon account?

There is no doubt that Amazon is the number one website to sell and buy products online. If you want to order anything from Amazon, you need to create an account. And I am sure you must have one, whether a seller account or a personal account. In the following article, we get to know about How to delete an Amazon account? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

However, if you are no longer interested in buying or selling anything from Amazon and wish to close your account, you can easily do this by following easy steps. The following is a guide on how to delete your Amazon account, but before I tell you how to do it, let me give you the factors and consequences you will experience after closing your Amazon account.

If I close my Amazon account, what will happen?

You have to follow all the steps accurately to close your account. After the completion and verification, you will not be able to login into your account. Nobody will be able to access your account. After permanently deleting your personal information from your Amazon account, you can not purchase anything from Amazon. Well, you can use someone else’s account to make a purchase. Another most important thing to remember before deleting your account is you can not restore it later. Everything will be finished once you have done all the steps required to close an Amazon account. All the services or products listed related to your report will be closed for amazon globally. 

Steps to delete an Amazon Account?

Now let’s dive into the steps you should take to close your Amazon account permanently;

  • The first step you have to take is to go to the Amazon customer services page “Close your Amazon Account.” 
  • The next step is to sign in from your existing account that you want to delete.
  • Review all the services that you were providing through your account.
  • Review all the products that you were purchased or sold from your account
  • Select why I want to close my account 
  • Select delete my account permanently 
  • Choose to delete my data
  • And then, the last step is to tick on close my account

Bottom Line

Remember that once you close your Amazon account, you will no longer access your account, even your order history purchased products invoices. If you complete the seller account, you won’t access features, services, or even your email address on all Amazon stores available online. If you still have not changed your mind, you can permanently delete it after following the mentioned steps. After reading this blog, I hope you will delete your Amazon account permanently.

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