Easy Steps To Make Boba

How to make boba

Boba is used for bubble tea which originated in the 1980s in Taiwan. It comprises chewy tapioca balls. It is immensely delicious in taste and is an inexpensive one. 

Preparation of Boba

There are two different sizes of Tapioca pearls. Boba pearls are easy to make. These are made from the tapioca scratch, which is derived from the cassava root. The chewy tapioca pearls can be mixed with a smoothie and sweetened iced tea. 

Steps for Making

The first method to prepare Boba is to soak the pearls for a few hours to become tender. Hence they become tender outside and chewy and soft from inside. Some of the pearls disintegrate into the water when they soak. Now, take one part of tapioca pearls and seven parts of water. Let it come to the point of a rolling boil. When it got boiled, then add the pearls to it and ensure continual stirring to avoid sticking it to the bottom. After a few minutes, the pearls will start floating at the top.

Take the pot cover and place it over the boiling water. Ensure to stir it after every minute. Turn off the flame and allow the pearls to settle. Use cold or lukewarm water for the rinsing of the pearls. Sweeten these pearls with sugar syrup or honey. You can use it immediately or may refrigerate it to use it later. It can store for about four days. 

Fruit Boba

Take fruits, cream, and sugar in a bowl. Now, grind it well in the grinder. Add about three to four tablespoons of Boba in it and give it a good mix. After the stirring of Boba, relish the fruit bubble tea. Pour it in the serving cup or mug and get appreciation from others. 

Black Boba Tea

Make the traditional tea and mix it with cream and sugar. Place all of these in a shaker and give it a good blend. Now add ice into it and shake it well to experience the bubble formation in it. Now pour it in the tumbler and add three to four tablespoons of Boba. Stir it well and serve chilled. 

Boba Sugar Water

Take the sugar and add it to the water. Dissolve it completely to make the homogenous sugar mixture. You can use honey, white sugar, or brown sugar for making the Boba sugar water. Keep on stirring it until the sugar dissolves, and then pour it into the bowl. Add the Boba pearls into it in the quantity of up to four tablespoons and let it settle for a duration of about fifteen minutes. Now, it is ready to serve. 

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Make the Boba as per the given instruction and make as many recipes out of it as you like. It is super quick and easy to make and does not require lots of ingredients. You can use it on a routine basis to relish the splendid flavor. It is quite popular and much easier to master.