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How to make concrete?

It is typical to work to do. But anybody can do it easily. Knowledge of things, experience, and training make you able to do anything. Can by Concrete ready-made also. The majority like to make concrete themselves

How to make cement?

Simply the mixture of cement, sand, and water makes concrete. But the question is, what quantity and ratio should be used to make a powerful material. Most people make concrete of ratio 1:3 and 1:4 or maybe 1:5, but e could not use the third type more. 

If the need is small, then we could use a bucket. But if the need is on a large scale, you should take a wheelbarrow to make concrete. 

The bags of cement are very hard and tough to tear because the bags can take many places after packing and are filled with a heavyweight. So if the cover is light or thin, it will tear and damage after some time.

Open the cement bag with a sharp knife or garden hoe. Pour the cement in the wheelbarrow completely once slowly. 

Wear gloves, glasses, and a face mask when preparing the mixture because the cement is very harmful to the skin. Mix it with your hands. 

Pour the cement on one side of the wheelbarrow. Take a small amount on the other side and add some water. Mix it well and again until the cement absorbs the water completely. After that, mix the whole cement once with enough water, making a super blender. 

Now you have to keep in mind the ratio of the material. Make the material in a 1:3 ratio. Its means adding 1 part of cement and 3 parts of sand.


Water is the most important thing in making concrete. Water should be proper and suitable in the mixture. Not add water at once in the material. Use water slowly, add some water to it, mix it. If the material is thick, add more water to it. Mix it again with the hoe, take it one side while mixing, and similarly do it on the other side. In this way, the mixture will become a powerful material to make a powerful building. 

How to know the concrete is ready?

  • A suitable quantity of water makes a powerful concrete. The addition or blackness of water makes the concrete weak and unprotected. 
  • When the mixture is ready, keep in mind some advice to recognize a powerful concrete. 
  • When the concrete is in the shape of a plane surface, there is no running water in it, nor thicker or the pieces of the concrete which are hard to touch and have to break. 
  • When you take a hoe of concrete, the leaving concrete will look plain and shiny. It would not be running in the wheelbarrow. 
  • If the concrete is thick and in pieces, add some water to the mixture. Whenever you take concrete, pour some water on the material because the cement absorbs the water soon, and the mixture will dry and make pieces. 

Ready-Made Concrete

Can buy concrete ready-made also. In this way, you have to do less struggle and effort. But you have to tell the shopkeeper about the ratio. 

Put the concrete in the bucket and add some water to it. Mix it with hoe properly again and again. In this way, the material would be powerful to use.


Always make enough concrete used in time because the over-left material will have more chances to sprout. It will be hard, dry, and converted into pieces. Always make a suitable quantity of material. If it will decrease, make more material at the same time. The dry concrete can be used for a long time. Whenever you need it again, repeat the same method, and the concrete is ready. Avoid wetting the concrete because it will damage wet concrete.

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